Driving Fintech Innovation

IMPESA is an innovative fintech company with attractive prospects in both B2B2C and B2C spaces.

Over $2.7 billion transactions have flowed through IMPESA’s solutions.

What We Do

Next level fintech services

IMPESA creates compelling opportunities for companies and financial institutions through three lines of business with cutting edge technology designed to alleviate customer pain points. These 3 solutions have traction and diversified accelerating revenue streams.

Easy & fast interactions and responses

Cardholders want less calling and more controlling of their cards, customer service is critical & expensive. Our Monibyte SaaS & app solutions solve this issues for end users and financial institutions.

Revenue scaling solution for any financial institution

Monibyte’s SaaS payment engine technology allows for seamless flexibility in a company’s monetary operations. It saves valuable IT coding, it positions any bank as innovator and can help organize any company with high expenses made through cards.

~80% reduction in cost for merchants using online payment processing

KIPO is a superior B2C service for PayPal merchants, allowing transfers from all types of entities, to any local bank, faster and at a lower cost.

Reducing fraud to the mininum

Monibyte Saas and Monibyte app users may apply card controls to reduce fraud through setting spending limits, international and online purchases and card functionality off/on.

strategic alliances

Partnering with Industry Leaders

IMPESA has developed alliances in areas where its abilities can be complemented by industry leaders to accelerate growth. IMPESA has a longstanding relationship with Visa and it is a Visa Certified Developer, a Visa Transaction Controls Authorized Reseller worldwide, a Visa Direct implementer and a Visa Principal Member with a card issuing & acquiring license. IMPESA is often selected by Visa to pioneer the introduction of APIs and new functionality in LatAm. In 2019 PayPal selected IMPESA to expand its presence in the region. Since then, Kipo’s performance led PayPal to request IMPESA to expand into other LatAm markets.

Partnering with Innovation Leaders

Licensing / Certifications

Grant Thornton

Technological Innovation

Google Cloud

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